Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My favorite observations of the Inauguration

Now that we're more than 24 hours past the Inauguration, a little irreverence may be in order. Yeah, I teared up, felt my inner Patton, and joined the rest of the nation in savoring a much-needed surge of hopefulness. But I also laughed at some of the observations that were shared online and in discussions of the historic event. Here are my favorites:

"Does Yo Yo Ma have a clip-on tie on?"--Trends guru Andy Ford, on Twitter and Facebook

"It was hard to hear Aretha Franklin over the groaning of the floorboards. You could hear her neck flapping in the wind."--Wag who shall remain nameless, given his quasi-public role; in private conversation

"The inauguration was full of fucking memorable images, like Cheney being wheeled around like a fucking Batman villain."--Humorist Andy Borowitz, blogging as alter-ego Levi Johnston on The Huffington Report.

"Great planning by John Roberts. It's only the inauguration of a President. Why bring a copy of the oath?"--Another quipster who opts to remain unnamed.

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