Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does he know who we are?

I’ve pinpointed a critical flaw in President Obama’s economic recovery plan, but you wouldn’t believe how tough it is to get Tim Geithner on the phone. If it weren’t for that guard at the local IRS office, the Administration might’ve never gotten the word.

Fortunately, it was all caught on security camera. The transcript was provided as part what my court-appointed attorney calls “discovery.”

Guard, with something of a twinkle in his eye: “So, I understand there’s something you’d like me to tell our new President the next time I see him.”

Me: “Yep. He’s putting us at risk of possibly fatal whining.”

G: “Oh?”

M: “Yep. Here, let me show you.” [Plunks down driver’s license.]

G, looking perplexed: “A license. I don’t understand.”

M: “Check the date of birth.”

G: “1957. So?”

M, with exasperation: “I’m a Baby Boomer.”

G: “And?”

M: “Is there anything about Baby Boomers in the stimulus plan?”

G, hesitating a moment to think: “Not that I recall.”

M, smugly: “Exactly.”

G: “Sorry. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

M: “Right now I and a lot of Boomers are out of work. We’re losing our homes. We’ve had to cut back on dining out, our gym memberships—even our trips to Starbucks, man! We’re feeling pain. And that doesn’t happen to Baby Boomers. Privileged generation, remember? Woodstock? Free love? J.Crew?

G, frantically pressing a button marked ‘Alarm’ on his desk: “So what’re you saying? That there should be special concessions for Baby Boomers in the package?”

M, with near tearful relief: “Not a lot—a discount from L.L. Bean, maybe, or a rollback of sushi prices. And concert prices! Do you have any idea how much it’ll cost to see Paul Simon at the Beacon? Just for a so-so seat?...A few billion should cover it.”

[Sounds in the background of sirens and police vehicles screeching to a halt.]

Young Gen X-aged bystander, who’d sidled up to the guard: “Wow. He’s really lost it.”

[Guard nods.]

Gen Xer: “He didn’t even mention cable prices.”

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