Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vermin on the sinking ship

There are few things more dastardly than playing on a job hunter’s elevated hopes. Yet twice I’ve responded to ads for enticing positions (“Pays enough to make Bill Gates your bitch!” “Co. cafeteria run by Thomas Keller!” “Oral sex is pt. of the deal!!!”) that matched my background, only to discover they were bait-and-switch cons. The company was an exalted temp agency trying to lure applicants so it could pimp them out for a chunk of their wages.

It’s the type of thing that would make Dickens wind his muffler a little tighter.

The moral: If it sounds too good, it probably is.

And I was really looking forward to the Keller Jello Surprise.

1 comment:

  1. If those three are among the benefits with the jobs, I say hey, give the agency their 15-20%. I hope it's not more than that.