Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 12 Deadly Thoughts of the pink-slipped

It's very European to drink at lunch.

How bad could it be to watch five minutes of "Ellen"?

What would happen if I searched for 'rhinoceros" and "porn"?

Shaving is overrated.

Pants are really overrated.

I wonder if they're giving out hot dog samples at Costco again.

I wonder if the guy at the next bottle return machine once had an office, too.

I could shower, or I could watch "Ellen"... Maybe I'll make popcorn first.

It'd probably take 10 or 20 visits for the sampler lady to recognize me.

"Ellen" is so much better than "Dr. Phil."

Geez, I'm unemployed. What are all those other deadbeats doing home during the day?

If there's a limit to how many samples you can take, they ought to post it.

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