Monday, February 9, 2009

Breakfast: Under $1, but barely

My posts today deal with an effort to see how little I can spend, including on my food, without being committed. They're best read from the bottom up, starting with How low can I go?.

Even the zealots at the Center For Science in the Public Interest couldn't object to my breakfast on the basis of calories. But I managed to squeak by for under $1: A banana, purchased at Costco for 39 cents a pound and weighing about a third of that, coupled with bread we'd baked with ingredients that I probably overestimated at $3.10. The small loaf usually yields about eight thick slices, and I had two, without any jam, butter or other topping. The banana cost about 13 cents, the bread about 76, and then I had coffee, which came from a Costco No. 12 size. I doubt it cost 24 cents.

Ergo, I'm under a dollar. So far I'm on track to repurchase my wine without busting the budget.

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